amie [ah-mee] noun, French | a female friend 

a wine for friends



Dreamt up in London, amie is a wine for friends. 

Founded by Will Sandbach and Abbie Roden Sandbach, amie was created when the couple recognised an opportunity to bring an on-trend, direct-to-consumer rosé to the UK market, without skimping on top quality. What started as a Covid-19 lockdown project, quickly became a scalable business. 

PR expert Hermione Underwood was brought on board to help launch the original amie rosé in June 2020, and remains a close friend to the brand.


amie’s chosen charity partner is charity: water; for every order placed on drinkamie.com, amie donates £1 to charity: water. As well as this, amie works on ongoing fundraising initiatives for charity: water throughout the year. 

We give £1 per order to charity: water

All amie wines are vegan and produced in the south of France. 

In June 2020, amie launched with their original rosé, which sold out in 7 weeks. 

In October 2020, amie launched a red wine (Carignan) and a white wine (Sauvignan Blanc). 

In April 2022, amie launched an organic rosé – amie x. 

In June 2022, amie opened a wine bar – amie wine studio – in Eccleston Yards (Belgravia, London). 

In January 2023, amie launched a Chardonnay. 

In April 2023, amie launched magnums of their organic rosé – amie x. 

In May 2023, amie launched amie Sparkling, a Crémant De Limoux.

In June 2023, amie wine studio Seoul will open in Seoul, South Korea. 

amie now exports to several countries, including South Korea, Norway and Singapore, and aims to continue expanding the brand into new markets.

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