charity: water

amie is partnering with charity: water, a non-profit organisation
bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.
For every order on, £1 is donated to charity: water.
amie has proudly raised nearly £20,000 and built two 'amie wells' in Uganda.
785 million people in the world live without clean water.
That’s nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide, or, twice the
population of the United States.
With a radically transparent model that sends 100% of public donations
straight to the field – made possible by a dedicated group of private
donors, known as The Well, who fund overhead costs, staff salaries, trips
to the field and more – charity: water funds sustainable water projects in
areas of greatest need and works with local partners to implement them.
The organisation proves every project, using innovative technology and
powerful storytelling to connect donors with their impact.
Why Water?
The majority of people without water live in isolated rural areas and spend hours every day walking to collect water for their family. Not only does walking for water keep kids out of school or take up time that parents could be using to earn money, but the water often carries diseases that can make everyone sick. But when a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health, increase access to food, grow local economies, and help kids spend more time in school.